Ariane Delahaye
Graphic Designer, Paris





2018 Large

2018 Mathieu Meyer

2017 Label Famille


Work (Internships)

2017 Spassky Fischer

2016 My Name Is

2012 Agnés Hospitalier







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GCZF Architectes Stade Eugéne Caugnevault, 2018

Signage for the entrance of stadium Eugéne Caugnevault in Gonesse (95) which will be redeveloped by GCZF Architectes.

Collaboration with Jonathan Omar (Döppel Studio). Project made for Label Famille.

Malaise en Apparence ― Basile3 (Permalnk), 2018

Artwork for Basile3 EP Malaise en Apparence. Out june 20, pre-order here on music label Permalnk.

QSV ― Solar ID, 2017

Architectural integration tool "Promoting solar energy while preserving urban contexte" by Dr C. Munari Probst and C. Roecker. Design of a template in use for each of the 300 sheets treating different cases of solar energy installation.

Misophonia ― Selective Sound Sensitivity Syndrome, 2017

Diploma project made at ECAL.


Emblems I ― LXXV, 2015

Book printed on Condat 115g, 120p, (270×360mm) / Posters printed on Blue Back 100g, (594×841mm)


Significante Y Significado, 2016

Newspaper Spread 4p, (375×520mm)


Imitation of Life ― Patterns, 2015

Newspaper printed on 55g Newsprint Paper24p, (375×520mm)


Deliverance, 2016

Poster printed on Blue Back 100g (884×1124mm)


New Borns, 2015

All photography by Cécilia Poupon.


SUPERNAP Data Centers — Virtual Identity, 2016

Video made for public advertising monitorsm, 1'55min, (1920×1080px).


Auguste Piccard, 2015

Unpublished Website. (Designed for smartphones + tablets + laptops)


Valet Noir ― Diploma Film by Lora Mure-Ravaud, 2017

Flyers Printed on Munken Print White 300g (145 x 210mm)


Who Ate The Lamb Stew Of Imagination, 2015

Printed on Munken Print White 100g, 210p, (14 x 200mm)


Avadavat, 2016

Typography (Uppercase + Lowercase)


Rising Ashes, 2016

Printed on Munken Print White 100g + 300g + Blue Back 130g, 485p, (150×280mm)


CIO — 100 Years, 2015

Non-selected finalist project.


Nook, 2016

Magazine made in collaboration with Yasmina Gonin.


10 Tweets, 2016

Video made in collaboration with Dimitri Nägele.1'27min, (1920×1080px).


OSR — 100 Years, 2016

Non-selected project, printed on Blue Black 100g.


Sky House, 2015

Book printed on Munken Print White 100g + Cover screen printed on Cardboard 250g,150p, (225×300mm).